The Mildred Complex(ity)

By Hosting and supporting international cultural producers, organizing informal residencies, developing site sensitive projects, seminars, dinners, research think tanks and more –we have made Mildred's Lane a significant but invisible center for these new forms of creative practice.  We welcome this "new age of curiosity" -- activating connections that situate themselves at the nexus of science, methods of living and critical artistic practices, thus engaging in, of and with the world.

"Brushes, Planets, Misfits and Other Collections" 2014 by   Jeffrey Jenkins  

"Brushes, Planets, Misfits and Other Collections" 2014 by Jeffrey Jenkins 

Now, Mildred’s Lane has come out of the woods and onto Main Street, USA in the form of a series of public collaborative projects with the Upper Delaware River Valley community. This new project began with the Retail 21st Century (R21c.) Sessions that have been research-based think tanks convening at Mildred’s Lane since 2007. R21c. topics include: contemporary, post-recession economic strategies, changing Art World dynamics, and new roles for the creative practitioner. We have been exploring emerging spaces of cultural production and social practice, which most importantly include the creative and inventive domestic environment. It was collectively decided that Mildred’s Lane would establish an off-site space for broader community discourse and experimentation on the future of exchange, thus coevolved The Mildred Complex(ity).

"Atomic Priesthood" 2014 by    Bryan McGovern Wilson   

"Atomic Priesthood" 2014 by Bryan McGovern Wilson 

Mildred’s Lane and The Mildred Complex(ity)– now a studio, office, experimental retail storefront and project space in Narrowsburg, NY, a hundred miles northwest of New York City. You will see the emerging projects by Mildred’s Lane’s International Artists posted here. The aims of these projects, having‘City and Country’ potency, concern the dynamics of people and production in the spirit of exchange. Projects with Resident Artists in Complex(ity) manifest in installations, performances, workshops and more, always as community collaborations. In this small town, we are building a renewable sociality, charged with environmental activism.

Pablo Helguera  workshop

Pablo Helguera workshop