Being There

Welcome. Mildred’s Lane is very pleased to invite you to this art project, a 96-acre landscape and home – site experience. It operates as an emergent event. We can collaborate with you to create a workshop or event specific to your group’s needs and desires. Destination visitors, groups and institutions often book overnight stays through requesting an invitation. We also organize socials and workshops during the year and happily work with you to co- curate such events. 

Day Visits to workshops, lectures and events.

Request an invitation to explore Mildred’s Lane. During the summer sessions, there are weekday workshops, lectures and events and on weekends, Town Fridays and Social Saturdays. 

Reserve, Click on REQUEST AN INVITATION in weekly email announcements, on this website or at The Mildred Complex(ity) project space at 37B Main Street, Narrowsburg, New York.


  • A day visit of involvement during the summer sessions, including lectures, workshops and meals. Meet the visiting artists and fellows. Schedules are announced weekly: $100/person. 
  • Camping with your own gear: $50/person. 
  • Rustic overnight stay: $175, depending on availability of rooms and outbuildings during the sessions. 
  • A pre-scheduled afternoon site tour: $25/person. 
  • A complete Social Saturday Experience_ An artful event and evening lecture: Sliding scale.  

Follow the protocol:

To Reserve, Click on REQUEST AN INVITATION in weekly email announcements or on this website. Limited places, so please contact us first.

• Follow the prompts to make your contribution.

• Make sure to reserve all guests in your party. This is important; who and how many are attending. 

• Tours are available for an additional $25/person contribution. All Tours begin on times given to you.  

The day of the event, check-in on time. You will receive instructions as to where the experience event will take place. 

The Mildred Complex(ity) Project Space
37B Main Street
Narrowsburg, New York 12764

• Children: Welcomed at no charge, although, it is not a childproof site, therefore children must be attended to at all times by caregivers.

• Pets are not allowed, please leave them at home – not in your car.



 Adjunct projects: (Negotiable) An institution may make adjunct relationships with Mildred’s Lane or with one or more of the artists working on site projects there. 

Institutional Projects: (Negotiable) Institutions, departments, or faculty may develop a course of study around an existing project, or invent a project for Mildred’s Lane, like that of Mildred' s Lane Renovating Walden, an ongoing series of project workshops and events. 

Institutional Retreats: (Negotiable). Mildred’s Lane is also an unusually engaging environment for institutional retreats, think tanks, symposia, etc. 

Propositions: Mildred’s Lane is open to your invitations, propositions and barter.