A Curriculum for New and Emergent Practices

What is different about Mildred’s Lane is that it is a home; reassembling the connections between working, living, and researching through contemporary concepts and projects sensitive to site. This unusual artist project invites you to participate in the shared experience and production of research-driven projects within a truly transdisciplinary and collaborative work environment.

Apparent obstacles in traditional fine arts classrooms have been counter-productive to developing environments where the practitioner, the student, and the institution can collapse roles in attempt to coevolve a curriculum for new and emergent practices. Thus, the Mildred’s Lane Project exists in the everyday with a revolutionary rigorous rethinking (the 3 Rs) of the contemporary art complex. These rare and valuable conditions of exchange, collaboration, and generosity are shared experiences that have transformative and lifelong effects on how we think of ourselves as creative practitioners functioning in the social and civic sphere. 

At the core of this new curriculum are two principles: (1) that research and project-based learning are best pursued in the context of an actual site with social engagement; and (2) social education should be principally involved in the development of new modes of living -- what we call workstyles. Work is our life; therefore we weave our lifestyle through it; taking our practices out of the studio and applying the conceptual tools to every aspect of living; with creative, mindful, sustainable adaptive reuse of everything we have at hand – being local.