Mildred’s Lane operates as an emergent event. We collaborate with you to create a workshop or event specific to your group’s needs and desires. Individuals, classes, and institutions often visit for an overnight stay, weekend, or for a full week during the year as available.

Sending Institutions

A sending institution structures scholarship funds in various ways to support fellowships for one or more persons in the sessions.

How can I develop an institutional partnership or philanthropically support a fellowship?

We think of this program as an award for your most exceptional student(s) or faculty. You or your departmental faculty may nominate or select each fellow. In either case, we are happy to help you select who might be right for this unorthodox project. Your selections should be made by May 1st.

Sending Institutions may want to make the application decision an internal process by selecting a fellow they feel is the right fit for this highly unique, socially engaged program.

An individual philanthropist may donate tuition to support a fellow that is unable to afford the cost. In this case you may name the scholarship and even correspond with the fellow you support.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating as a Sending Institution or as an individual supporting a fellowship. There are limited openings, so a non-refundable deposit is due upon selection, and the remaining balance is due before the arrival of the fellow.

Institutional Retreats

We are seeking adjunct relationships wherein Mildred’s Lane and The Mildred Complex(ity) may host your students and faculty for intensive engagements. This is an ideal site for institutions to hold retreats, workshops, conferences, or think tanks -- using the site, and the creative practitioners that move through it, as a pedagogical tool. It is a tranquil meadow, far from distractions, deep in the woods, with a unique cultural atmosphere to catalyze creative discussion and making. We are equipped to lodge 25-35 people at once, with outbuildings for discussions and meetings as well as presentation spaces, with a studio and project space in the nearby town of Narrowsburg, NY. In addition to this rustic site’s amenities, we provide artful meals with the freshest seasonal, local, organic produce.

We are already proudly working in partnership with several Institutions that have included:

University of Minnesota
Department of Art,
Minneapolis, MN

Royal College of Art, The
Curatorial Study Program, UK

Columbia University Graduate
School of Fine Art, NYC, NY

Virginia Commonwealth
of the Arts, VA

Portland State University
Department of Art, OR

FLORA Ars+Natura, Bogotá,
Colombia, South America

Cumbria University, Cumbria
Institute of Art, UK

Parsons The New School
for Design, NYC, NY

Massachusetts College of Art
and Design
, Boston, MA

Arizona State University
School of Art, Phoenix, AZ

University of Hartford,
The Hartford Art School, CT

University of Florida

The School of the Museum
of Fine Arts
, Boston, MA

Maryland Institute College
of Art, Baltimore, MD

The School of the Art
Institute of Chicago
, IL

University of Arkansas
Department of Art, AR

Columbus College of Art
and Design
, OH

School of Visual Arts,

University of Washington

Bauhaus University, Weimar,

Kingston University Fine
Arts, UK

SUNY New Paltz, NY

University of Tennessee, TN

HEAD, Geneva, Switzerland

Carnegie Mellon College of
Fine Arts, Pittsburgh, PA

California College of the Arts

Brown University Department
of Social Humanities, Providence, RI

University of Virginia

Washington University in St. Louis                                        

Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts


Thank you for Remarkable Contributions from:

Roderick Angle, Paul Bartow, David Brooks, Jennifer Brooks, Ruth Ann Brown, Christine Buckley, Nina Burleigh, D. Graham Burnett, Donna Cleary, Jorge Colombo, Carolyn Cristov-Bakargiev, Moyra Davey, Lisa Defrance, Dillon de Give, Jeff Dolven, Barbara DeVries, Mark Dion, Joanna Epstein, Harrell Fletcher, Gary Graham, Hope Ginsburg, Alastair Gordon, Pablo Helguera, Brian Holmes, Amy-Claire Huestis, Mary Jane Jacob, Jeffrey Jenkins, Natalie Jeremijenko, Leon Johnson, Jamie Keesling, Leigh Claire La Berge, William Lamson, Fabienne Leclerc, Clayton Lewis, Russell Lewis, Sharon and Amos Lombard-Miller, Louise Ma, Bryan McGovern Wilson, Jac Mullen, Leonard Nalencz, Carla Nappi, Virginia Poundstone, Claire Pentecost, Judith Powers, James Prosek, Barry Puett, Garnett Puett, J. Morgan Puett, Grey Rabbit Puett, Rebecca Purcell, Joel Ronning, Alexander Rosenberg, Sal Randolph, David Richardson, Gina Siepel, Laura Silverman, Jason Simon, Allison Smith, Caitlin Sweeney, Mark Thomann, Nato Thompson, Peter Warney, Natalie Wilkin, Robert Williams, David F. Wood, Caroline Woolard, Naomi Yang, Amy Yoes, just to mention a few  


2016 Mildred Fellows

J. Morgan Puett
Ambassador of Entanglement

Mark Dion
Cabinet Minister Peregrinator      

Paul Bartow
Master of Applied Complexity

Grey Rabbit Puett
Fire Master

Natalie Wilkin
Fugitive Ambassador of Transhistorical Agency

Jorge Colombo
Recorder of Retinal Memories

Isobel Rose Lister
Officer of Complex(ity)

Cameron Klavsen
Awarded Resident Artist in Complex(ity) 2015/16

Mariana Gutierrez
Site Steward

Cesar Valdes
Ministry of Comfort

Digestion Choreographers for 2016: 

Coco Fusco, Athena Kokoronis, Cheryl Edwards, Amanda Edwards, Andrea Lekberg, Mariana Gutierrez, Isobel Lister and J.Morgan Puett.

2016 Fellows: Steven Nunes, Ana Gallira, Madeline Marak, Mary Carey, Kadie Dempsey, Eli Barak, Amanda Evans, Alexandra Hammond, Mary Hogan, Candace Rood, Kailey Shea Smith, Wesley Chavis, Serra Bothwell Fels, Steven Duval, Kimberly Lyle, Paul Soulellis, Matthew Strother, John Orth, Joana Stillwell, Juliana Gongora Rojas, Dominic Pettman, Alex Schechter and Sandy Williams