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Town Friday - Stan PIPKIN

SpringHouseIceHouse Session
June 12-24

Solar Entanglement

As a part of the Spring House/Ice House Session at Mildred’s Lane, Stan Pipkin will share a presentation exploring the entangled nature of solar as a cornerstone of the new energy commons. He will be testing this proposition against Elinor Ostrom's principles of the management of the Commons. It is not meant to be academic, nor strictly practical, but would touch on the aspirational trends in distributed energy, while being grounded in specific policy and behavioral models.

Since 2007, Stan Pipkin has co-managed and owned Lighthouse Solar in Austin. Starting out with only two employees, Lighthouse Solar Austin now employs over thirty people. Pipkin has been involved in the shaping of local and state policy to foster more favorable conditions for the growth of the business. While managing and growing all aspects of the integration business, he has worked closely with a number of industry innovators, including Lumos Solar on the development of applied solar products.
In addition to the solar business, Pipkin runs an architectural design practice, Pipkinc., which includes residential, commercial and civic projects. His interests in community development, sustainable building practices and policy work have found expressions in multiple forms. There is considerable overlap between integrated solar design and holistic architectural design services.
In 2000, Pipkin co-founded a research and design collective, Spurse, which has engaged in community design projects, material research and process consulting for institutions and organizations ranging from the Guggenheim Museum, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance, MassMoca, and The Land Institute. Their work has included exhibitions, workshops, lectures, participatory community design projects, product development and architectural design.