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Social Saturday - Mark Thomann/wHY Studio

City is Nature /
wHY Grounds Recent Works.
Social Saturday, ­­June 24, 2017
Mark Thomann is the director of wHY grounds, an imaginative landscape and urban design studio that collaborates with architects, urban planners, and artists worldwide to cultivate and program future ecologies and open space.  The goal is to connect people and lifestyles to a vision of healthy and resilient cities and environments through the seamless integration of building, landscape and urban environments. The workshop enables art, function, nature and structure to beautifully coexist.   
5:00 Tour (by reservation only)
6:00 Cocktails
6:30 Lecture
7:30 Digestion Choreography
SpringHouseIceHouse Session, June 12-25, is wrapping up this week of phase one; a collaboration to design-and-build a small, vernacular SpringHouseIceHouse featuring solar energy, a spring-fed well, and local and site-sourced building material. This project will harness the attributes of sun, water, and earth; intentionally connecting permaculture principles to a longstanding need for sustainable and efficient food storage. We have begun the foundations of this creative exercise in adaptive reuse that conflates the historical vernacular, off-the-shelf technologies and emergent, low-tech methodologies.
Please come meet the team and see the beginnings of this unusual vernacular architecture project at Mildred’s Lane.
Special thanks to Paul Bartow, Cameron Klavsen, Stan Pipkin, Alex Schecter, Gina Siepel, with fellows Elizabeth Pittard, Michelle Kelly Rogers, Shelley Spector, Will Staub, Jeff Tan, Sandy Williams, School of Visual Arts, New York City and University of Virginia McIntire Department of Art. 
Limited seating
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