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The Mildred complex(ity) presents The Mildred Archaeology

In collaboration:
Mark Dion, J. Morgan Puett, Duy Hoàng, Deborah Davidovits, Kevin Mahoney, Zoe Frederick, Michelle K. Rogers, Will Staub, Sandy Williams, Amanda Wheat, Oliver Levine

Mildred Archaeology is an ongoing project revealing hidden histories of Mildred’s Lane. The old farmhouse on site is a small, 1830-1840s homestead with a 1790s hearth. We call this historic building The Mildred House, and The Mildred’s Lane Transhistorical Society and Museum.
During summer sessions 2017, research fellows discovered new information connecting the site to Connecticut Settlers in the 1750s. We learned that the original owners of the location were the Lillie family, who amongst others, settled at Cushetunk on the Delaware River. This first settlement in the region was within the limits of a 18th-century Connecticut Charter, west of the province of New York; (Northhampton County, divided, and now known as Wayne County, Pennsylvania;) making this one of the oldest buildings in the county.
During this session, MILDRED ARCHAEOLOGY II, we made progress digging up the garbage dump behind the outhouse and root cellar. These everyday jewels of the Steffens Family who lived there in the 20th-century, are now installed through October at The Mildred Complex(ity) Project Space in Narrowsburg, NY.
Thank you to friends, fellows, and institutions for their contributions to this unusual vernacular architecture project at Mildred’s Lane. More to come!
Mark Dion, J. Morgan Puett, Zoe Crossland, Tracy Molis, Coco Fusco, Aurelio Fusco, Cecilia and Tom Coacci, Andrea Lekberg, Cheryl Edwards, Caroline Woolard, Leigh Claire La Berge, Megan O'Connell, Leander Johnson, Lesley Herzberg, David Wood, Hope Ginsburg, Josh Quarles, Deborah Davidovits, Kevin Mahoney, Duy Hoàng, Amanda Wheat, Zoe Frederick, Michelle K. Rogers, Will Staub, Sandy Williams, Oliver Levine and;  
The Narrowsburg Historical Society, The Damascus Historical Society, The Wayne County Historical Society, Fort Delaware, University of Florida, Columbia University, School of Visual Arts New York City, University of Virginia McIntire Department of Art. 
September 23, The Narrowsburg Honeybee Festival.
October 3, Mark Dion at the ICA Boston, MA.

Later Event: December 8
A Guide to the Field