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COLLECT gifts from the FIELD

December 15 & 16, 2018 
COLLECT gifts from the FIELD

A Guide to the Field: Storefront Practices in the Social Realm.

A Guide to the Field has socially and politically sensitive products, textiles, sculpture, clothing, furniture – fine art for the everyday – set in topic-driven installations (called Swarmings) by artists working in the social sphere.

Inaugural exhibition:Encampment,featuring works by
David Brooks / Jorge Colombo / Barbara de Vries / Mark Dion / Hope Ginsburg / Gary Graham / Brooke Grant / Heather Greene / Jeffrey Jenkins / Alex A. Jones / Cameron Klavsen / Abby Lutz / Kristyna & Marek Milde / J. Morgan Puett / Rebecca Purcell / Gina Siepel / Shelley Spector / Allison Smith  / Caroline Wallner / Allison Ward / Natalie Wilkin / Caroline Woolard / Amy Yoes / 

A Guide to the Field: Storefront Practices in the Social Realm
2 Post Hill Road and Main Street / Mountaindale, NY 12763  / Instagram: @aguidetothefield

Earlier Event: December 7
Later Event: April 20
A Guide to the Field/ Factory