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Social Saturday - Pablo Helguera

Mildred's Lane SOCIAL Saturday, July 7, 2018

Pablo Helguera: Parable Soiree

Pablo Helguera presents a soiree of various parables, inviting guests to create and present a parable of their own. The winning parable will receive a special price.

Pablo Helguera (Mexico City, 1971) is an artist based in New York. A longtime friend of Mildred's Lane, his work is often associated with Transpedagogy and Socially Engaged Art.  He has exhibited widely and is the author of "Education For Socially Engaged Art (2011), Art Scenes (2012) and The Parable Conference (2014) amongst many others.

Amy Yoes Fire # 7 is postponed until Saturday, July 14th. Torrential rains this week have delayed the construction of the structure. However, the work in progress will be a special feature none-the-less!

Laura Silverman, founding Naturalist of The Outside Institute will be serving cocktails featuring local wild flavors of the season.

Digestion Choreography by Coco Fusco
When she is not cooking, she spends time making art, writing, and teaching. And she devotes a great deal of time to caring for her teenage son.