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The Mildred Complex(ity) Rebecca Purcell / Jeffrey Jenkins


Town Friday / The Mildred Complex(ity)
37B Main Street / Narrowsburg / NY 12764
Opening June 14 / 5 pm - 7 pm

Rebecca Purcell / Wuthering  / O9W #2
Rebecca Purcell is a multidisciplinary explorer of aesthetics, interiority, and the complexities of life navigation. Using a wide range of found materials, often combined with used books and her own writing, Purcell assembles miscellanea, evoking suggestive scenes into curious tableaux. 

Purcell was the visual director and co-creator of ABC Home NYC, forecasting visual culture during the ’90s.  She continues to style fashion, cosmetics, and home design professionally, while actively engaged in art, all while making an in-depth inquiry concerning the evolution of consciousness. To house the findings from her deep involvement with these navigations, Purcell has developed an elaborate, ongoing project she calls Organon 9 Worlds, (O9W). 

Purcell designed the Organon 9 Worlds Card Deck as a matrix of images, objects, experience, research, and ideas focusing on aesthetic attraction and the creative process. Every arrangement and installation Purcell creates is a reflection of one of the Organon 9 Worlds, informing the materials, color, and kinds of objects chosen. When consulted, the cards are selected image side up using the power of color combined with symbolic imagery for divination. The O9W card deck can be used as a creative tool for illumination and inspiration, or as a source for guidance.

Image: Wuthering #2, 2019 Rebecca Purcell

Jeffrey Jenkins / Book: Object, Artifact, Organism
Jeffrey Jenkins is an artist and graphic designer living and working in NYC and Jewett, NY.  His collections-based work explores anonymous art & photography as well as artifact form & function and the consumer experience. In addition to owning a multi-discipline design studio for 25 years, he has designed books on collections, other artists’ monographs, and catalogs and authored the recently released David Sedaris Diaries, A Visual Compendium (Little, Brown, and Co.).

This exhibit is a celebration of book form and explores an eclectic selection of books, objects, and artwork from the artist’s collection. It presents the book as sculpture, mystery, ruin, and metaphor. Books offer a path into ourselves; they awaken the imagination and paint new worlds and ideas;  they are simple sculptures with vast inner lives and sometimes peculiar facades. This show is a look at some of their faces and forms and their potential for uniqueness and visual identity in a mass-produced world.

Image: Girdled #1, 2019 Jeffrey Jenkins

Earlier Event: June 10