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MULTIPLE PROJECTS - PondHouseSpringHouseIceHousePond, Pignut Pond, The Un-Bored-Walk, & Mildred Archaeology

PondHouseSpringHouseIceHousePond. Ongoing negotiations in the landscape for over a decade, with Mark Thomann.

Pignut Pond. Cameron Klavsen and Alex Schechter are building a Diving Dock; Hope Ginsburg, underwater-filming; and, Joshua Quarles’ sound work in collaboration with the pond.                               

The Un-Bored-Walk; David Brooks will be working on a new landscape design and build study of emergent walks interrupted by navigating the actual and the man-made.                                                                                   

Mildred Archaeology; more investigations around the eighteenth-century outbuildings, with Rudy Salgado and Susanna Crum of Calliope Arts Printmaking Studio & Gallery in Louisville, KY.