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Social Saturday with Nina Burleigh

Nina Burleigh, whose most recent book critiqued the commodified Trump woman, incorporates some of that work and newer research for The Fascinating Fascist Wife: A Taxonomy. Burleigh will take you tripping down memory lane to meet some prominent 20th Century fascist wives and girlfriends, introduce the new generation of fascist women and explain how branding, fetish, fashion, right wing Christianity and media create and sustain the modern fascist wife.

Nina Burleigh is a national affairs journalist in New York currently covering Trump at Newsweek. She is also an explorer and the author of six nonfiction books. Burleigh’s latest book (October 2018) is Golden Handcuffs: The Secret History of Trump's Women. It is the rollicking group biography of the women who influence and live around a man who has spent most of his adult life branding and commodifying the feminine ... and who now happens to be running for a second term as President. insta @ninaburleigh / Amazon / NY Mag / NYT

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