J. Morgan Puett doesn’t want to call herself an artist… she’s The Ambassador of Entanglement. She is a creative practitioner laboring towards social and political change, which she identifies as being initiated most effectively in the domestic sphere. It’s what she calls an “experiment in living that attempts to coevolve a rigorous pedagogical strategy”; to elevate the banalities of the everyday into considered acts of political resistance.

Mildred’s Lane, a 95-acre parcel of land in northeastern Pennsylvania that she and three friends purchased in 1997, is her home. Through Ms. Puett's own determination, organization and considerable talents as a host, it blossoms every summer into a series of lectures, performance events, creative workshops, dinner parties and sculptural bonfires. Despite the influx of young creatives, established artists and traveling merrymakers, Ms. Puett insists that her compound not be referred to as a commune, an artist’s colony, or even a retreat. Mildred’s Lane is, rather, a “Modern Art Complexity”.

Mildred’s Lane is a world unto itself. It has it’s own language, it’s own hierarchy and it’s own set of values. The place is, itself, a living installation… a work of art in a constant state of flux. It is also a home to Morgan and her son and it is apparent that much of Mildred’s Lane evolved out of the necessities of living and raising a child in the country. Through stamina and determination Morgan created her own world while surviving in the face of dangerous elements and bucking the prevailing trends of the art world establishment.

The story of Morgan and Mildred’s Lane is complex. It is a tale that is woven through the unique textures, artifacts and language of the place. It is best experienced by seeing, hearing and doing… by being.

Roderick Angle is a filmmaker based in New York City. He specializes in documentary portraiture and is dedicated to the short film format. Roderick is a storyteller focused on establishing deep connections with his subjects to communicate the true nature of their contribution to our world. After receiving a BFA in photography from The School of Visual Arts, Roderick started his creative career as a fashion photographer. He apprenticed with famed photographer David LaChapelle and went on to establish himself as a sought after shooter with a long list of editorial and advertising credits. After many years of creating brand stories in the commercial realm, Roderick has followed his primary storytelling inspiration back to its roots… people, who they are and what they do




US Premiere

Queens World Film Festival March 15 2016


Upstate Diary feature

March 2016

Please enjoy this fascinating journey into the highly curated and stylistically intentional world of “living art” created by the self-described ‘Ambassador of Entanglement’, J. Morgan Puett. We only wish Angle’s film would last longer.