Year of Tin & China!


2018 is a notable year for us. We are celebrating the tenth season of sessions and the twentieth anniversary of the project site we call Mildred's Lane. We invite you to share experience and knowledge during the Summer Sessions 2018!  


The Mildred's Lane project is an experiment in reassembling the terms of our everyday lives through a social commitment that begins at home - the nexus of the natural sciences, cultural practices, regional and international community building. 


Mildred’s Lane hosts a multitude of creative practitioners collaboratively working, living, and researching in a landscape. These investigations include the adaptive reuse of vernacular 19th-century outbuildings, landscape interventions, follies, architectural projects, lectures, workshops, environmental activism, foraging and creative domesticating. 


The Mildred House is a farmhouse that dating 1830-40; yet it features a 1790s hearth. Mildred Miller was a woman farmer living there in the twentieth century. For decades she dwelt alone, isolated on the property. We named the site in memory of her remarkable agrarian life. But since, we have discovered deeper histories of the original family

That acquired this property in the mid-1700s; the LILLIE family. We are continuing our archaeological investigations throughout the year around 18th-century settlers in this the region.


At Mildred’s Lane, we nurture, enhance and collaborate with this landscape. At the intersections of the organized historical periods and disciplines living side-by-side are the emergent and boundless poetics of playful ‘houseness;’ a transhistorical vessel. Mildred's Lane as a think tank, residency program, and making/doing workshops explore archaeological methodologies with tools to understand more deeply the physical site. Artist and other cultural producers with a core concern for history, contemporary art, archaeology, and the natural sciences are brought to bear in this curiosity landscape of vernacular structures, wildlife and events.


The Mildred’s Lane TransHistorical Society and Museum is a land trust becoming for the preservation of contemporary/historical site living with the past, present and future; thus, coevolving a complex(ity) that concerns our very being – creatively, environmentally, socially and politically. 


Some of the creative practitioners involved in the 2018 sessions are:


David Brooks / D. Graham Burnett / Donna Cleary / Jorge Colombo / Mark Dion / Daria Dorosh / Jeff Dolven / Juliet Dunn / Caroline Earley / Joanna Ebenstein / Brian Gillis / Hope Ginsburg / Gary Graham / Pablo Helguera / Jeffrey Jenkins / Cameron Klavsen / Athena Kokoronis / Isobel R. Lister / Kristyna and Marek Milde / Claire Pentecost / Virginia Poundstone / Rebecca Purcell / J. Morgan Puett / James Prosek / Sal Randolph / Gina Siepel / Allison Smith / Shelley Spector / Amy Lou Stein / Cesar Valdes / Kate Walker / Robert Williams / Caroline Woolard / Amy Yoes / and others to be announced very soon

Sessions 2018