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Mildred's Lane 2019: Year of Rearranging! 


A Guide to the Field will be in full stitching-making-mode at the Department of Interstitchiaries), sewing ongoing projects throughout the year. (Skilled stitchers who work collectively are sought after.) Factory, the Spring/Summer exhibition, brings together several creative practitioners in a discursive, active environment of making-thinking-doing that the public can collect, instead of merely shopping.

Town Fridays are events and exhibitions at The Mildred Complex(ity) Project Space, with a series of local creatives presenting and in conversation. Amy Yoes and Jorge Colombo, currently activating their new Narrowsburg home base/ studios/project space just down the block from The Mildred Complex(ity), will be hosting some of the Town Friday events and lectures in their renovated Main Street barn space including screenings, workshops, and more, throughout the season. Sign on to the mailing list for announcements.

Social Saturdays heat up on May 25 and continue throughout the summer. Request an invitation here. A calendar of events will be posted later in Spring.

Some of the creative practitioners involved in the 2019 sessions are:

David Brooks / D. Graham Burnett / Jorge Colombo / Susanna Crum / Mark Dion / Jeff Dolven / Juliet Dunn / Coco Fusco / Hope Ginsburg / Leila Gordon / Pablo Helguera / Amanda Heidel / Aaron Hicklin / Jeffrey Jenkins / Alex Jones / Cameron Klavsen / Athena Kokoronis / Leigh Claire La Berge / Abby Lutz / Kevin Mahoney / Krystyna Milde / Marek Milde / Rebecca Purcell / Garnett Puett / J. Morgan Puett / Sal Randolph / Rudy Salgado / Gina Siepel / Amy Lou Stein / Dannielle Tegeder / Mark Thomann / James Voorhies / Caroline Wallner / BMWilson / David Wood  / Caroline Woolard / Amy Yoes / and others swarming, updates monthly!

Sessions 2019