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From the Glossary of the User’s Guide to Mildred’s Lane


1 between; among: interagency, interblend.

2 mutually; reciprocally: interactive.

ORIGIN from Old French entre- or Latin
inter ‘between, among.’

noun (pl. nectaries) Botany

a nectar-secreting glandular organ in a flower

(floral) or on a leaf or stem (extrafloral).

ORIGIN mid 18th cent. from modern Latin nectarium,

from nectar (see nectar).

Some of the creative practitioners involved in the 2016 sessions are:

Paul Bartow / David Brooks / Christine Buckley / D. Graham Burnett / Jorge Colombo / Mark Dion / Jeff Dolven / Juliet Dunn / Hope Ginsburg / Gary Graham/ Mariana Gutierrez / Pablo Helguera / Jeffrey Jenkins / Cameron Klavsen / Athena Kokoronis / Isobel R. Lister / Megan O’Connell / Claire Pentecost / Rebecca Purcell / J. Morgan Puett / Jack Ramunni / Sal Randolph / Gina Siepel / Jaquel Theis / Mark Thomann / Natalie Wilkin / Robert Williams / Caroline Woolard / and others to be announced very soon.

Updates and details of all sessions will be posted at