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Wilding, Wasting, Workstyling

Wilding, Wasting, Workstyling

June 18 - 24

1-week session, $1000

Donna Cleary, Daria Dorosh, Athena Kokoronis, Kristyna and Marek Milde, J. Morgan Puett, Shelley Spector, Amy Low Stein and others.

Wildcrafting is a term conscientiously defining food as naturally medicinal, and always concerned with sustainability. Fellows are engaged in detailed studies of the dynamic landscape at Mildred's Lane, practicing forage routines with focus on stylistically transforming food/waste systems and critically processing plants throughout the seasons. 

Local naturalists, gardeners, botanists, and other contributing artists will workshop around topics including beekeeping, collecting, pressing, tincturing, planting, mycoremediation, soil biology - wilding; while focusing on the dynamic transformation of the Mildred’s Garden adjacent to the Mildred's Lane TransHistorical Society and Museum. 

Kristyna and Marek Milde are working on their site project, Plantarium; Donna Cleary workshops on drying foraged botanicals in preparation for tincture making; Athena Kokoronis and Amy Lou Stein are setting up a mother indigo dye system; We are experimenting with our new printing press; and with J. Morgan Puett always refining our daily workstyles. The group becomes an emergent collective working on all projects concerning the botanical environment at Mildred's Lane. Other special guests include Daria Dorosh, Shelley Spector, and others.

Session leaders: Donna Cleary, Daria Dorosh, Kristyna and Marek Milde, J. Morgan Puett, Shelley Spector, Amy Lou Stein. 

WILDING Fellows; Diana Antohe (VCU), Michelle Burdine (OSU), Gonna Forte (Independent), Amanda Heidel (SNP), Jillian Hirsch (UT), Eric Kobal (WUSFS), Cara Piazza (Independent), Kim Tucker (Independent), Agustine Zegers (VCU) and others.


Later Event: June 25
The Geophagic Water Closet